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Where did you catch that?

Banana Lake

It all started at a marina. A summer job pumping gas, cleaning boats, and scooping bait. Across the aisle from the fishing lures and next to the cash register counter, a bulletin board hung on the wall. It was not a help wanted board. It did not have business cards on it. There was prestige to this board. Many a customer came within feet of it. Most stared at it. Studied it. Asked about it. It held the one piece of visual proof to any fisherman around the world.


Pictures of fisherman holding big fish. Telling a story and giving that fisherman status around the marina, the lakes, and the local area. It was a big deal to get a photo on the board.

But anyone looking at the photos would notice one strange detail. It showed up on all the photos. Sometimes discreet, sometimes bold. And sometimes with a date. But always there. Written in permanent marker on each of the photos was the words "Banana Lake." It gave away the one thing that every fisherman holds near and dear. The location the fish was caught at.

Of course there was no Banana Lake. Not here not there. It was made up. A fake lake. It was a way to hide where the fish was caught, while still proving that you did catch it. These fisherman, holding their trophy fish, were not going to give away their location! Everyday you would get a customer asking where is Banana Lake? Wanting to know just a little bit of information to see if they could then go catch a trophy. But they never got it.

Which got us thinking....

What if there was a free website that published good fishing spots? Yes it would go against the fisherman's creed, but wouldn't it also help a lot of fisherman out?

And thus www.banana-lake.com was made:

An easy-to-use and updateable peer-sharing site for fishing spots.
Use the search to scroll the map. Find marked locations and get detailed information on species, tactics, and more!

Plus you can add your own spot, picture, or video so that the favor is returned to the next person.
All in the spirit of fishing!

So now you too can let em' know, you caught it at Banana Lake!